Our Mission, 

Vision and Future

Pegasus Imagery is founded on the belief that our communities, economy and environment can be better protected, supported and sustained through an intelligence-driven approach to modern challenges.

Pegasus is actively developing the technology and people necessary to create an equilibrium between humanity and our environment. The company is bridging the capability gap between military and consumer-grade technology to match market demands for large-scale, accurate and affordable geospatial data and intelligence.


Cole Rosentreter,CD


15 Years Military Experience

Decorated Leadership

Draper University Alumni

Commercial RPAS Pilot


John Hryniw,MMM, CD


​30 Years Military Experience

Decorated Leadership

5+ Years Senior Operations Staff

Commercial RPAS Pilot

Humans Not Hardware


From highly experienced military veterans, commercial aviation pilots and talented engineers, our team is actively developing the technology and people necessary to define the future of intelligence-solutions at the scale of modern industry and government demands. 


Intelligence into Opportunities

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