Target: SUAS

Bearing: 125°

Range: 1.3nm

Altitude: 834ft MSL

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Target: SUAS

Bearing: 195°

Range: 1.5nm

Altitude: 734ft MSL

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Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities now extend to the airspace. 

Whether in support of disaster relief or in support of maneuver elements in contested environments, Autonomous Airspace Awareness System (A3S)-equipped unmanned systems solve the barrier of integrating with manned aircraft to accomplish the mission.


Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) have emerged as a major threat to both ground forces and Close Air Support aviation. A3S enables early warning of airborne threats over the horizon at the tactical level, delivering real-time intruder positional data.

Founded by veterans. Focused on mission success.

Pegasus integrates our unique technology for airspace awareness in a Group II platform, enabling integration with aviation over the battlespace. 

Runway Independent

VTOL motors mean launch and recovery without any additional infrastructure. No catapults, no parachutes, no throwing. 

High Performance

Fixed wing flight endurance of 10+hrs gives the time on station leaders need to increase situational awareness. 


Multiple payloads, all-weather collision avoidance, built in Canada and ready to operate wherever the mission happens.


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Intelligence into Opportunities

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