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Fusing airborne radar and onboard sensors with edge AI, Eos and its onboard Autonomous Airspace Awareness System (A3S) are able to detect, track, and avoid over 20 different air contacts, simultaneously.


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Eos is an autonomous Group III VTOL fixed-wing RPAS integrated with the A3S DAA system. Eos is runway independent, all-weather and leverages high payload capacity and long endurance to deliver results at the scale of industry and government demands.

Eos is designed and manufactured in Canada to perform in the most challenging environments.  Eos delivers Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions to decision makers, enabling Pegasus to collect and deliver actionable information for safer, smarter, faster decision making and situational awareness.


Vertical Takeoff & Landing

Wingspan: 14ft (4.2m)

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 99lb (45kg)

Endurance: 10hr (Default payload)

Cruise: 65 knots (120km/h)

Service Ceiling: 16,000ft (4,877m) MSL

Min. Operating Temperature: -13°F (-25°C)

Max Operating Temperature: 140°F (60°C)


AES - 256 encryption

Mesh RF Airborne Networking


Default: 30x EO/LWIR gimbal

Secondary: 10lb (4kg) external 

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Air Teaming

Able to safely integrate into any airspace, Eos connects both ground and other aircraft with real-time intelligence on airspace activity, ISR intelligence and communications. Whether collaborating with other Eos or manned aircraft, we're transforming access to information on the edge of today's biggest challenges.