"Intelligence into opportunities"

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Data collection at the scale of today's biggest challenges, delivered in real-time.

Wildfire Management

Wildfires are increasing in frequency and severity around the world, often developing from hotspot to hellespont within a matter of hours.

To react effectively, wildfire management agencies rely on early detection and actionable information for initial attack to be effective.

Long range, high endurance aerial patrols enable the right sensors to be in the right position, at the right time. 

Disaster Reconnaissance

When a disaster or industrial accident happens, the most critical resource is time.

From determining airborne particulates in a vapor cloud to relying live imagery of a disaster area for emergency managers to plan in real-time with, airborne sensors deliver the effects necessary for first responders to turn intelligence into opportunities.

Infrastructure Inspection

Critical infrastructure such as pipelines and electrical utilities are key mechanisms to economic prosperity. 

Regular, repeatable monitoring with high accuracy airborne sensors provide asset owners the ability to detect leaks and hazards early in their development, delivering new options for integrity managers while keeping personnel out of potential harm's way.