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Use Case & Markets

The Capability gap between what is available from Lockheed Martin and Best Buy is where Pegasus sees a massively scalable opportunity.

Wildfire Management

Today’s current wildfire response strategy relies on a cumbersome relationship between Alberta’s 127 manned wildfire lookout towers, helicopters, and intermittent satellite coverage. 

From detection to initial attack a race is on against time. In addition to the equipped wide area sensors, Hyperion’s Universal Payload Attachment System of up to 45lbs enables a wide variety of solutions to be carried onboard, conducting initial attack of a wildfire at its most vulnerable point: discovery.

Disaster Reconnaissance

When a disaster or industrial accident happens, the most critical resource is time. Whether a ground or airborne release, determining the nature of the chemicals involved is often not immediately possible due to the potential safety hazards.


Remotely Piloted Aircraft are able to provide critical information from the onset to final cleanup of an industrial accident, defining options before any boots touch the ground.

The Market

From 2012 to June 2019, venture capitalists poured $2.6 billion into drones in order to realize the promise of the next technological “dot-com boom”.

To Achieve traction, the current drone industry has failed to meet expectations in the most important category needed for adoption: Performance.


Due to their relatively small size, payloads and endurance, today’s service providers struggle with inadequate tools needed for the job.

The Opportunity

Drones require the capability to operate Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) from their operator in order to collect data at scale.


On June 1st 2019 Transport Canada outlined a new regulatory roadmap for the integration of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) into the national airspace systems.

Pegasus has secured Transport Canada authorization for BVLOS operations within all Restricted Airspace in Canada, military and wildfire. The company is in active discussions with regulators to launch trials for BVLOS in Uncontrolled Airspace.